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Rosalía on appropriation: I have realized that it is a subject of privileges

 Mexico, .- The renowned artist Rosalia, who will act this Saturday at the Ceremony Festival in Mexico, explained that after many months reflecting on cultural appropriation has realized that it is a matter of privilege.

“It’s not that I’m being attacked specifically, but rather that there are people who, like me, have had the luck to study music, the one they wanted. And to have options that other people do not have, “he told Efe in Mexico City.
This complex situation in which she has been accused of, without being gypsy, using her symbology and her music, is positive for her if the debate makes it possible to visualize a problem and give voice to people who suffer from this problem, with which, she says, empathizes more than ever.

The young Barcelonian, who sold out tickets for their concerts in the United States in just a few hours and is on the poster of the famous Coachella festival, presented on March 28 the already successful song “With Height”.

This song with J Balvin and El Guincho already has 20 million views on YouTube in a single week and, what may seem a break with the previous work of Rosalía, eminently flamenco, for her is “a separate song.”

Before entering a studio in Miami with El Guincho the singer already knew that she wanted to make “a reminiscence of the classic reggaeton” because as a child, without knowing what that style of music was, she felt inspired since she heard it in the fair of your town.
However, he considered that the flamenco inspiration will always be in his works “to a greater or lesser extent” but always without fear of innovating, since he assured that he never has prejudices nor thinks “that one music is worse than another”.

“I love dancing music. (…) It’s as pure as another genre that makes you get excited and not move, “said Rosalía very convincing.

And music has become the most important thing in the life of one of the most relevant Spanish artists on the current scene, who came straight to the top with her work “El mal querer”.

“Now my professional life is my life. I accept that situation, I sacrifice most of the time for the love that I have for my profession and because I swear I would not do it any other way, “she said sincerely.
This Saturday he will perform with artists like Massive Attack or Aphex Twin in one of the best rated alternative festivals in Latin America, where he will also share the stage with his compatriot Bad Gyal.

As a preview of the “show” that will be offered that night, he said that there will be palmeros, unpublished songs, very careful visuals, very elaborate voices and, above all, “a lot of work behind”.
As for sharing the stage in this festival and, in general, space in the music industry with other women, she receives it “with great joy” and celebrates it.

“They are realizing that women are in charge of many projects. Being in this industry has pros and cons and we all have to learn to deal with them, “he said.
The reception of the singer of only 25 years at the international level is being spectacular, and she lived it in her first concerts in Chile and Argentina, which she lived as “moments of communion” that could not be believed.

“Everything I am living is a blessing and because God wants it, but also because of the work I have been doing for so many years. That’s why I feel I have to keep working hard to deserve it. “(EFE)

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