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Children of Dominican emigrants in the US may apply for scholarships for graduate

 New York, – The Consul of the Dominican Republic in New York, Carlos Castillo, announced on Monday the call for scholarships for postgraduate studies of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) to which for the first time they will be able to request children of Dominican immigrants born In U.S.A.

“Scholarships for masters, specialties and doctorates will also be available for children of Dominicans living abroad,” according to President Danilo Medina, Castillo said.
He also indicated that once they request the form they will have until April 15 to fill in the required information.

Castillo urged young Dominicans in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, under the jurisdiction of the Consulate, to “seize these opportunities and be able to study in higher education institutions in the US and Europe.”

He explained that the children of Dominicans born outside their country can apply for the scholarship with their birth certificate, an affidavit certifying who their parents are and that they reside abroad.

He also indicated that by order of President Medina, the affidavit will be exempt from the payment of consular taxes and added that in New York orientation will be offered to these youth in the windows of youth and education at the Consulate, in the Times Square sector .

He highlighted that the Public University of the State of New York (SUNY) is one of those that participates in this initiative as a result of the agreements signed between that educational institution and the MESCYT.
Consul Castillo also noted that the commitment to young people who apply for the scholarship outside the Dominican Republic is to volunteer work in favor of the community of Dominicans abroad. (EFEUSA)

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