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The bitcoin shoots up 14% amid the rise of the cryptocurrency market

New York, .- The price of the bitcoin shot up almost 14% on Tuesday to stand at 4,600 dollars, according to data from the CoinMarketCap exchange, a movement that occurs amid a generalized rise in the market of cryptocurrencies and that has surprised analysts after weeks of stagnation.

According to US media, tonight the most capitalized cryptocurrency reached over $ 5,000 (20%), a price not seen since last November and, although it has stabilized afterwards, it seems on track to record its biggest gain in a year.

Precisely the last jump that gave the bitcoin, which represents a market value of about 80,000 million dollars, was in April 2018, when it rose around 42% in a single day and then descend to a minimum of about 3,200 dollars this December.

Marti Greenspan, senior analyst at the eToro firm, explained in a note that the strong rise of the bitcoin has occurred during the course of the session in Asia, so “we can say that it originated in China, Japan and / or South Korea. “

Also, the analyst attributed it to a “purely technical nature” because there has been “no noticeable news” recently but “has been creating momentum in the cryptocurrency market for some time.”

Other press releases suggest that the move is due to a large purchase, of about 100 million dollars, made by an anonymous user in the Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp exchange houses, which encouraged other investors to do the same.

The rise in the bitcoin price has occurred in parallel to other cryptocurrencies such as the ethereum (9%), the XRP (7.80%), the litecoin (15%) or the EOS (11%), while the cash bitcountry shot up almost 18% this morning.

However, the figures on Tuesday are far from those recorded by the most popular digital currency in December 2017, around $ 20,000, its highest peak so far and that some analysts consider a bubble.EFEUSA)

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