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“Jane The Virgin” begins to say goodbye proud of “Juanita’s” legacy

Miami, .- The series “Jane The Virgin”, which this week has premiered on the CW chain for its fifth and final season, begins his farewell proud of the legacy of “Juanita”, as the screenwriter of the original series.

“I am very proud of how far my Juanita has come,” said Perla Farías, senior vice president of content development for the Spanish network Telemundo and who was the author of the original telenovela, the Venezuelan “Juana la virgen.”

“The human experience on this Earth is the same everywhere, it changes the scenario, maybe the way of doing things, but not the problems or how we feel before them,” he added, noting that “good stories are always universal” .

In that line was expressed during a panel in Los Angeles, on the occasion of the announcement of the premiere of the last season, responsible for the series that emits CW, Jennie Snyder Urman, when he confessed that his goal was to represent these characters as best as possible and tell through many stories the multiple ways of being a woman.

“When I saw the script I was thrilled that the story focused on a family of Latina women who live together, it’s how I grew up, but I’ve never seen it in the media,” Andrea Navedo, an actress of Puerto Rican origin who plays Xiomara, Jane’s mother.

“Jane the Virgin” has not only collected several awards, including the Emmys and the Golden Globes, but opened the door to other productions with a strong Latin accent, such as “A Day at a Time”, “Telenovela”, “Devious Maids “, although none of them reached the longevity of Jane Gloriana Villanueva, the young woman artificially inseminated by mistake and who leads the story.

The actress Gina Rodriguez, whose career was shot thanks to starring in “Jane The Virgin”, also stressed that a series about a Latino family can connect “with all kinds of audiences”, even if they touch issues directly linked to Hispanics in the United States and in a format similar to that of soap operas.
Throughout the four seasons seen to date, the series has not ignored immigration, undocumented immigrants, cultural clashes or religion, and with touches of magical realism.

In addition, it is centered on a “good, surrounded by good people”, as Urman has described, for whom it was important to “show that good people are also interesting” in terms of dramaturgy.
That objective, at the same time, served as a counterpart to the negative rhetoric against immigrants that has exploded in the US in recent years.
Farías applauds what he considers a return to essence for the final season, after the producers of the US version relied on his libretto during the first season and then in successive develop the story “in another way”.

“I think it’s great that they go back to say goodbye with the elements that gave the initial success,” he said.

Urman has anticipated that there will indeed be many echoes of the pilot this season, in which even a husband considered dead “comes back to life.”

After the end of the series, Rodríguez and Urman will embark, as executive producers, on “Jane the Novel”, a new series split from “Jane The Virgin” and that will consist of an “anthology of telenovelas”, in which each season will have as axis a character written by Jane Villanueva. (EFEUSA)

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