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Greater order but also long lines on the second date of the Ultra Festival

 Miami, .- The second date of the Ultra Festival culminated early Sunday morning with more order compared to the chaos that was experienced on Friday night, although attendees had to form long lines to leave the premises in Cayo Virginia.

As reported by local media, the organization of this electronic music festival arranged its fleet of 200 buses to transport the public from shortly before midnight, and there was also a new distribution of the lanes on the Rickenbacker highway, which connects the island with firm ground.

Attendees had to wait within the perimeter of the event before boarding a bus that would leave them at one of the three arrival points in downtown Miami, a wait that depended on the moment when the esplanade was left near the Marine Stadium and that Some cases lasted up to two hours, as the Miami Herald newspaper points out.

The organization had announced on Saturday that to alleviate the long lines they programmed activities and maintained food and beverages stalls beyond 2:00 am (0600 GMT), time when Deadmaus, the last DJ of the night, kicked off his session.

The first date of the Ultra Festival ended at dawn on Saturday with a huge jam and widespread confusion among the audience, who deserved a new plan from the security team of the event, prepared in collaboration with local authorities.

“We hope to offer significantly better transportation today and throughout the weekend,” the festival organization said in a statement, acknowledging the problems that occurred on the first day.

Ultra Festival security director, Ray Martinez, offered a press conference on Saturday in which he reported on a new transportation plan, which includes exclusive lanes for buses.

This year’s edition of the Ultra Festival takes place in a new location, in Cayo Virginia, where there is no parking for private vehicles and, therefore, the 50,000 attendees that the festival is estimated to receive each of its three days must arrive in a bus hired by the organization, or in taxis and Uber / Lyft.

In November of last year, the city closed a $ 2 million agreement with the Ultra Festival for which the event moved its headquarters to Cayo Virginia, after being held since 2012 at the Bayfront Park, in the center of the city.

The massive attendance of the public, the congestion of vehicles and some altercations had generated great discomfort among the residents of the area who had been asking the local government for a change of location.
Created in 1998, and with more than twenty “branches” spread all over the world, the Ultra Festival began its journey in Miami Beach and is considered one of the most important electronic music events on the planet. (EFEUSA)

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