Melania Trump reiterates Guaidó’s wife’s support of Administration to Venezuela

 Miami, .- The first lady, Melania Trump, reiterated on Thursday the support of the Government to the “new leadership in Venezuela”, as well as the commitment of the current Administration in the White House for the restoration of democracy in the Latin American nation.

During a private meeting held in Palm Beach (South Florida) with Fabiana Rosales, wife of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized by many countries as president in charge of Venezuela, Melania Trump “expressed her concern for Venezuelans suffering from the crisis within his country, “reported the White House.

“The first two ladies discussed many key issues, especially the children who have been very affected by the tragedies in Venezuela,” adds the statement regarding the meeting held in Mar-a-Lago, the Trump marriage’s winter residence and where Melania has been since last weekend.

“The greatest gift we can give our children is freedom and the Administration supports the first lady Fabiana Rosales and her husband, President Juan Guaido, in their work to return democracy to the Venezuelan people,” Melania said. release.

The meeting between Melania and Fabiana Rosales follows a similar one that Guaidó’s wife held on Wednesday in the White House with US President Donald Trump, and in which the Venezuelan recognized that she fears “for the life” of her husband, besides the situation that the country is experiencing.

“We are with you one hundred percent,” Trump told Rosales, who unexpectedly went to the Oval Office at the end of another meeting he had in the White House with the vice president, Mike Pence.
“Everything will be resolved, it will always be solved, we will get it resolved,” Trump promised, with his daughter Ivanka nearby, and then urge Russia to remove its military from Venezuela.

Trump’s message was allusive to the two Russian planes that landed a few days ago at Venezuela’s main airport, Maiquetía airport, near Caracas, with some 100 soldiers on board, according to local media.

The meeting in Mar-a-Lago, where the president is expected to arrive on Thursday night to spend the weekend, is the same day that Mike Pence assured that the US it will maintain its encirclement to the “dictatorship” of the ruler Nicolás Maduro and will not cease until “freedom and democracy are restored in Venezuela.”

In a conference not open to the public at the Catholic University Ave Maria, in the small town of the same name in southwest Florida, Pence charged against the “brutal regime” of Maduro and his “socialist government”, responsible, he said, that 9 of each 10 Venezuelans live in poverty.

Rosales will participate this Saturday in a day of collection of humanitarian aid in favor of Venezuela and in which its promoters trust to gather “hundreds of tons” of non-perishable food, medicines, vitamins, orthopedic and hospital supplies and water purification tablets and worming. (EFEUSA)


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