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The UN prepares humanitarian analysis in Venezuela with a view to increasing aid

 United Nations, .- The UN is preparing a comprehensive analysis of the humanitarian situation in Venezuela, with the aim of achieving an impartial and accurate photograph of the needs in the country and try to increase aid to the population, said sources on Wednesday. the organization.

The report, of internal character and that for now is not final, is being prepared with the agreement of the Government of Nicolás Maduro, but also takes into account the positions of other actors.

“Our main priority is to respond to the urgent needs of the most vulnerable people in the country,” said Russell Geekie, spokesman for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The UN has repeatedly called for “depoliticizing” humanitarian aid in Venezuela, in the midst of the clashes that have surrounded the issue of the Chavez government and the opposition.

Although for a time the Venezuelan authorities rejected the existence of a humanitarian crisis in the country, in recent months they have been working with the United Nations to strengthen cooperation in this area and receive support in areas such as health and nutrition.

According to Geekie, in Venezuela there are “clearly substantial humanitarian needs” and the report that is being carried out will represent “the most authoritative and most complete analysis” on the issue.

The document will help humanitarian organizations working in Venezuela adjust their assistance and ensure that priority is given to the most vulnerable people.

Although for now there is no final figure on the funds that the UN considers it might need to support the country’s population, the spokesman said that receiving donor funding will be “key” to ensure an adequate response.

Geekie did not want to provide details on the content of the analysis, as it is an internal document that is still under development.
According to sources of the organization, the document has been shared so far with some Venezuelan actors and with other countries, but it is still a draft that is under discussion.

For the preparation of its report, in addition to the Government, the United Nations is working with other interested parties and using all kinds of sources at its disposal.

“As always, any humanitarian aid from the UN is based on needs and is carried out in accordance with the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence,” the OCHA spokesperson stressed.

The issue of humanitarian aid remains at the center of the Venezuelan political crisis, which worsened after Maduro in January signed a new mandate that does not recognize the opposition and part of the international community.

In response, the president of Parliament, the opposition Juan Guaidó, was proclaimed interim president and has been recognized by some fifty nations.

Last February, Guaidó launched an operation to introduce in Venezuela tons of aid donated by the United States, which was rejected by the Government, which denounced it as an attempt of foreign interference.

This Wednesday, the Organization of American States (OAS) approved a resolution urging the Venezuelan military and police faithful to Maduro to allow the entry of aid, as claimed by Guaidó himself.

On a political level, the UN continues to defend that the only way out of the crisis is through negotiations between the government and the opposition, in which it has offered to mediate. (EFEUSA)

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