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The DC editorial celebrates the 80th anniversary of Batman with comic number 1,000

 New York, .- DC publisher celebrated in advance on Wednesday the 80th anniversary of one of its stars, Batman, with a special edition: the number 1,000 of “Detective Comics”, the series that defined the name of the house and in the that the superhero appeared for the first time on March 30, 1939.

“This 96-page edition is loaded with an incredible list of talent that will take you on an adventure through Batman’s past, its present and its future … More a sensational epilogue with the first appearance in the DC universe of the deadly Knight Arkham, “the firm announced on its page.

In New York, known as Gotham in the fantasy world of the bat man, the largest comic book store in the city, Midtown Comics, opened its doors at midnight so that the most hardcore fans could get one of the 15 covers of the copy ( or all).

The shop in southern Manhattan was boiling in the afternoon, with about a hundred people waiting for the writer and draftsman Peter Tomasi graced with their signature those covers: eight representative of each decade of Batman, four exclusive for Midtown Comics, a special ” Midnight “, the normal and another blank.

Tomasi, along with artist Doug Mahnke, have introduced in this installment composed of individual short stories the first chapter of “Medieval”, a new narrative twist that introduces “a new version of the Arkham Knight” to the DC canon, the editorial said in a statement. .

In front of the exhibitor of the comics, followers of the superhero looked at the special copies and some proudly showed their bags with several of them, a deserved autoregalo because, as they commented, Batman is the “most human” character of the DC house, with which he is easy to feel identified.

“It’s a great achievement and it’s worth the wait,” said a young man who wanted to identify himself as Nick, who admitted that in the last week and a half he had spent all his time reading the comics of the series to “catch up” “before buying the special number, which took three covers.

According to the editorial indicated in a statement, for the 1,000 edition the “best comics artists” have designed other variations of covers available in different stores, with illustrations by Jim Lee, Dan Jurgens, Ricardo Federici, Tony S. Daniel, Brian Bolland and others (EFEUSA)

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