The success of Rosalía and Bad Gyal arrives at the Ceremonia de México festival

vThe success of Rosalía and Bad Gyal arrives at the Ceremonia de México festival The singer Rosalía during her performance at the Goya Awards 2019, gala that was held on February 2, 2019 at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville. EFE / Archive

 Mexico, .- The young emerging from the Spanish urban scene Rosalía and Bad Gyal will perform at the GNP Ceremony Festival in Mexico on April 6, sharing the bill with artists of the likes of Massive Attack and Aphex Twin.

The event, which will take place in Toluca, 80 kilometers from the Mexican capital, will bring together in its seventh edition 30,000 music lovers who will attend the concerts of international and national artists.

The Ceremonia, which started in 2013, is the result of the project of a group of friends who started celebrating parties and ended up generating this evening that is at the height of any other international festival and in which, although music is what matters most, It also represents “what is happening” in Mexico and in the world.

“We are a young festival and a couple of years ago we felt that we were not so inclusive and diverse, we began to see it from a different perspective, as a space for conversation, we are going to have fun but we also have to immerse ourselves in what is happening,” he explained. Efe one of the founders, Diego Jiménez.

Since then, associations collaborate in the event that, for example, are concerned with guaranteeing the welfare of transgender people or women who may feel assaulted.

In this direction, the organization has also conducted a two-week training so that all staff know how to act at all times in a diverse and current environment.

“We want it to be experiential, that there be art in all its versions, installations, music and that everyone can be whoever wants to be in a safe space,” said Jiménez.

To generate more than a concert event, the organization took care that the poster also includes performances of other types.

For example the participation of Pepe Romero, an artist who makes contemporary theater, or Young Boy Dancing Group, a group of dancers who make a kind of controversial “performance” in which they interact with the public.

There will also be present the Russian Pussy Riot, who staged performances of punk-rock protest with political provocations related to the rights of LGTBI collective or feminism.

On the other hand, Jiménez said that since the first edition of the festival they try to “balance” the presence of artists in all senses: men, women and queer people, English and Spanish speaking groups or big international bands and national emerging musicians. .

In relation to this, Jiménez recommends that the attendees soon arrive at the Pegasus Dynamic Center, where the festival will take place, in order to see the performances of the “smaller” artists who, he assured, “will surprise”.

As for the chances of the British band Massive Attack canceling, as it has recently done with its tour of the United States and Canada, the founder of the festival said that “they are 100% confirmed”, despite the great changes in logistics what to do for this

“It was going to be the end of the tour but in the end they will only play here, we have fulfilled everything they asked for, when they play, the whole festival will be turned off,” he added.

“My best memories of adolescence are at festivals with my friends, we want to maintain this essence,” Jiménez concluded. (EFE)


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