Actress Lori Loughlin pays bail of 1 million for university bribes

 WASHINGTON – Actress Lori Loughlin, known for her participation in the television series “Full House,” was freed on bail for $ 1 million on Wednesday after being accused of participating in a network of millionaire bribes to gain access to his daughters to prestigious universities.

Federal Judge Steve Kim bailed Loughlin after the appearance of the actress, who had surrendered this morning to the authorities, in a court in Los Angeles.

Kim scheduled a new hearing for the next day 29, this time before a court in Boston, where the case is being investigated.
The Department of Justice unveiled on Tuesday the network of millionaire bribes involving fifty people, including relatives, heads of universities, exam supervisors and coaches.

Of the fifty or so accused, 33 are wealthy fathers and mothers who in total paid 25 million dollars for their children to access prestigious universities such as Yale, Georgetown or Stanford.

The federal prosecutor for Massachusetts Andrew Lelling said Tuesday that it is “the largest university admission fraud ever pursued by the Department of Justice.”

“These parents represent a catalog of wealth and privilege, including, for example, CEOs of public and private companies, successful financial and real estate investors, two well-known actresses and a famous fashion designer,” he added.

In the case of Loughlin, 54, the Justice Department accuses him and his husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, of paying $ 500,000 for his two daughters to enter the University of Southern California.

The girls entered the university through their admission to the rowing team, even though they had never practiced this sport.

Also present at a hearing in Boston was another of the accused parents, the former delegate of the investment firm Pimco, who was released after posting a bond of $ 500,000. (EFEUSA)


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