Boeing faces serious crisis after surge of prohibitions to injured model

The United States does not see "any basis" to land the Boeing 737 MAX 8 A Boeing 737-800 airplane of American Airlines lands this Tuesday, in the national airport Ronald Reagan, in Arlington, Virginia (the United States). EFE

 New York, .- The plane crash last Sunday in Ethiopia, where a Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed, has unleashed a serious crisis to the US aeronautics giant, which has lost on the stock market 27,000 million dollars in two days after the wave of prohibitions of this model in Europe and the rest of the world.

After the accident, which left 157 dead, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has banned on Tuesday that the 737 MAX 8 model operates on the European continent, adding to the score of countries and thirty airlines around the world that They have suspended flights with that device.

Boeing insisted Tuesday on the safety of its range of 737 MAX aircraft and referred to the US aviation authority to argue that “there is no reason to issue new guidelines to operators.”

The American aviation authority (FAA), which certifies the safety of the aircraft, considers the Boeing 737 MAX “airworthy” until further notice, while collaborating in the investigation of the causes of the accident, of which The black box has already been recovered, although it will take action if it identifies problems.

However, the FAA acknowledged that “external reports are drawing similarities between this accident and the injured Lion Air 610 flight – in Indonesia – on October 29, 2018”, in which the black box indicated a failure in the automatic system.

Boeing announced on Tuesday that it has been developing since that previous accident, in which 189 people died, an update of its flight control software to “make even safer” its ships of the 737 MAX range, the best-selling, of the that the MAX 8 is the most developed version.

It will apply those improvements, which affect the controversial “angle of attack” of the plane, “in the coming weeks,” while the FAA will demand compliance through regulations before April, according to a press release sent Tuesday by the company. Chicago (USA).

Meanwhile, the manufacturer suffers at the stock market a punishment of two days never seen in ten years: on Monday lost almost 13,000 million dollars and this Tuesday, with a decline of 6.15%, it has left a capital of about 14,000 million of dollars, 27,000 million in just 48 hours.

Boeing’s losses accelerated in mid-session, after President Donald Trump criticized the company, accusing it of making planes “too complicated to drive”, and advocating “simpler” ships that do not require ” Albert Einstein “as a pilot.

“You do not need pilots anymore, but rather MIT computer scientists,” Trump said on Twitter in reference to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, adding that “you always look for an unnecessary step ahead, when often old and simple is better”.

Before the second accident of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 in barely half a year, the list of countries that have ordered the suspension of flights with this model in its air space has only lengthened, starting with China, Mongolia and Indonesia, which decided it this Monday, to the largest European economies, this Tuesday.

The United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy took the step hours before the EASA, higher authority, issued a “preventive measure”, and so have the world’s largest tour operator, TUI, and countries such as Ireland, Australia , Singapore, Malaysia and Oman.
Spain said it will comply with regulations announced this afternoon by EASA to temporarily suspend the commercial operations of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in European airspace, according to sources with the Ministry of Public Works.

Meanwhile, some thirty airlines around the world have suspended flights with this model, including Ethiopian Airlines, Norwegian, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Brazilian Golo, India Jet Airways, South Korea’s Eastar Jet, Cayman Airlines or Royal Air Maroc

Meanwhile, the concern of passengers to get on this type of plane has been extended to the crews, whose professional association in the US has asked American Airlines, the country’s largest airline, to join the suspension despite the message of peace of the authorities .

“Many respected airlines are suspending aircraft, and we ask our chief executive, Doug Parker, to firmly consider suspending them until a thorough investigation is done,” the union says, announcing that “flight attendants will not be forced to fly if they feel insecure. “(EFEUSA)


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