Democratic leaders threaten Trump with new closure if he insists with the wall

 Washington, DC – Congressional Democratic leaders warned President Donald Trump on Sunday that including a $ 8.6 billion investment to build a wall with Mexico in his next budget proposal would trigger a new government shutdown.

“President Trump harmed millions of Americans and generated widespread chaos when the government imprudently closed down his expensive and ineffective wall … The same thing will happen again if he insists,” they said in a statement. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi; and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer.

The joint statement of both Democrats comes as a result of various news reports that point out that the White House will include a game of 8,600 million dollars in its new budget proposal to Congress, which is scheduled to be presented on Monday.

That amount would be much higher than the 1.375 million dollars that Congress approved to allocate to the border security item in the last budget and greater, also, that the 5.700 million initially requested by the Government last year.

According to various local media, the new request would contemplate reducing the budget of the Department of Homeland Security by some 5,000 million dollars, while the remaining 3,600 million would come from the departure for construction of facilities of the Department of Defense.

In their communiqué, Pelosi and Schumer, argue that Congress has already “refused” to finance the border wall and that the president finally “was forced to acknowledge his defeat” and to reopen the federal government.

“Hopefully you learned your lesson,” concludes the note.
The lack of agreement in the negotiations of the current budget between Congress and the White House, led President Trump to refuse to sign the budget law, which led the country to a partial closure of the government that lasted for five weeks, the largest of history.

Finally, the president ended up accepting the agreement between the Republicans and the Democrats of Congress, but then declared a national emergency to raise an additional 6,600 million dollars for the construction of the border wall. (EFEUSA)


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