73% of Mexican journalists have been victims of sexual harassment or violence

73% of Mexican journalists have been victims of sexual harassment or violence Mexican journalist Ines Sainz smiles after asking a question to the American singer Bruno Mars, on Thursday, January 30, 2014, during a press conference of the XLVII Super Bowl in New York (USA). EFE / Archive

 Guadalajara (Mexico) .- Three out of four women journalists in Mexico have been victims of harassment, harassment or sexual assault, according to a study by the Collective Journalists United Mexican (#PUM) released Thursday for the International Women’s Day that is commemorates this March 8.

The poll “AcosoDATA 1” indicated that 73% of women media workers have been victims of one or more of these situations, although many of them can not identify them clearly, the collective said in a statement.

Made up of reporters, editors, photographers, designers,
infographics and illustrators, #PUM interviewed 392 women from written or audiovisual media for this survey.
The intention has been “to provide quantitative and qualitative data that contribute to the understanding of this problem” in this union, said the organization.

Among the results of the survey, it was highlighted that 52% of the women explained that the harassment ranges from petitions to dress “well” or to be “pretty” for certain events or meetings.

They denounced that they are conditioned to permits, schedules, vacations, job growth, information, interviews, exclusives or any type of material in exchange for personal invitations.

The three most frequent forms of violence indicated by the surveys are, with 71%, the “comments on dress or how they look on a day-to-day basis, in 64% the lascivious looks and in 52% the sexual or double comments. It makes them uncomfortable.

Nine out of 10 interviewed pointed to the origin of the attacks against colleagues, the direct or superior manager, the interviewer or source of information and press or public relations people with whom they usually relate to their work.

76% of survey participants said that their companies lack campaigns or actions to sensitize staff about harassment and sexual harassment. (EFE)


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