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USA has a list of 59 journalists and lawyers to cross-border interrogation

Washington, United States – The border authorities of the United States have drawn up a list of 59 journalists, lawyers and activists to question when crossing the border between San Diego (California) and Tijuana (Mexico).

The preparation of the list, which was reported by NBC today and confirmed by the US Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP), dates from January 9 and has its origin in the concentration of Honduran migrants in Tijuana. term of a caravan.

According to CBP to NBC, the members of the list, mostly Americans, were at the border when in November a large number of the members of the caravan tried to enter the US.

The list includes 10 journalists – seven Americans – a lawyer with an office in the USA. and the rest cataloged as “organizers” or “instigators”, 31 of them Americans.
The objective of the list is to detain its members as they pass through the border so that they can be interrogated within a “national security investigation”, something they have already done with at least 21, according to NBC.

The authorities have separated those questioned for a “second inspection” in which in some cases they have been required to deliver their mobile devices.

In addition, in some cases, the CBP has prepared dossiers with the collaboration of Mexican intelligence with data from the members of the list.

In fact, the document (list) leaked to NBC is headed by a stamp with the flags of both countries.

A spokesperson for CBP told NBC that “gathering evidence that may be necessary for future legal action” is somewhat “formal.”
The official added that CBP seeks to “determine if the event was organized” and “prevent future incidents.”

NBC contacted one of the members of the list, the lawyer Nicole Ramos, director for refugees of the organization Al Otro Lado, of which the authorities also have a dossier with photos of their social networks, their work and travel history or information as the name of his mother and the vehicle she drives.

“The document seems to prove what we have assumed for a while, which is that there is a list of law enforcement agencies designed to retaliate against human rights defenders who work with asylum seekers and are critical of CBP practices,” said Ramos, who knew the list by NBC. (EFE)

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