The state of New York investigates the insurer of the Trump Organization

The state of New York investigates the insurer of the Trump Organization US President Donald Trump offers a press conference as part of the 2019 Business Forum organized by the White House. EFE / Archive

 New York, .- The authorities of the state of New York are investigating Aon, the insurer of the family business of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, according to The New York Times.

According to the newspaper, Aon received a citation from the Department of Financial Services on Monday night, days after the personal exchegado of President Michael Cohen declared in Congress that the Trump Organization inflated his accounts.

Cohen, asked by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said last week that he was aware that Trump offered an inflated value of its assets to insurance companies, adding that several employees of the company could provide evidence.

The financial agency of the state of New York, governed by Democrat Andrew Cuomo, asks Aon for materials up to ten years old about his business with the president and his company, including copies of “all communications” between the parties and internal documents. , a source told the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

The regulators want to know, among other things, the compensations received by current and retired employees of Aon who managed the Trump Organization’s account, and also seek similar contracts between the insurer and the president.

The state’s financial authority does not have the competence to conduct a criminal investigation, but it can transmit to the Prosecutor’s Office if it observes a possible illegal activity, which shows the scrutiny to which Trump’s businesses are being subjected.

The required documents, with a deadline of March 19, could take months to be analyzed, states the NYT.
The Trump Organization is already being investigated at the federal level in New York, where prosecutors are analyzing the company’s role in payments to silence women who allegedly had relations with the president, and in which Cohen was responsible. guilty of related crimes.

Earlier Monday, the lower house Judiciary Committee, under Democratic control, sent 81 letters to relatives, partners and political advisers of Trump to urge them to deliver documents on his first two years in office, as part of a corruption, abuse investigation. of power and obstruction of Justice. (EFEUSA)


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