Maluma announces a “height” concert in Puerto Rico on November 9

 San Juan, .- The Colombian urban music interpreter Maluma announced today in San Juan that on November 9 will be presented in Puerto Rico, as part of its world tour “Maluma World Tour”, and whose show announced that it will be ” height “, due to the respect for the island where reggaeton originated.

It will be at the Coliseo in Puerto Rico where Maluma will return to perform as a soloist, after three years of absence, to interpret the successes of his three albums and surely of his forthcoming production, “11:11”, which he hopes to publish at the end of May .

“From here I go to call all my colleagues, because I think Puerto Rico deserves a show of height,” said Juan Luis Londoño, Maluma, 25, at a press conference in the atrium of the aforementioned stadium.

“It is not a secret that today I put food on the table for my family and for me by the artists here who started the genre in Puerto Rico, and it would be a gift and a pleasure to bring my colleagues and others who are not of the urban genre, that’s why my shows are not just reggaeton, “he emphasized.

According to the interpreter explained, this tour of shows, which began several months ago and resume in April in Vienna, had to stop by a surgery he had in January on one of his knees for a ligament rupture he suffered while playing football.

After his presentation in Vienna, Maluma will continue his presentations in Mexico, will return to Europe for another series of shows and will end his tour in the United States until November 9th in Puerto Rico.

“I am happy to return to Puerto Rico, I was here three years ago and it was an unforgettable experience and I hope to give you a great show,” said Maluma, recently elected Composer of the Year by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers of Latin Music.

In his presentation in San Juan he is expected to perform his hits “El Perdedor”, “Corazón”, “Felices los 4” and “Borró cassette”, as well as “HP”, the first single from his fourth album, “11:11 “, which will be released next May.

On “HP”, Maluma explained that the issue advises women not to be afraid to denounce any man who mistreats them, because if “they are not contributing anything good in their lives they are far from them.”

“The most important thing I would say is that they have strength, that they have the will to raise their hands, to open their mouths and tell the world what is happening,” he said.

“We are in a moment of the woman, who is going through a very strong empowerment and if they do not speak now, those things are going to continue happening. I want to tell the women not to be afraid and to talk and tell their problems so that this does not happen. pass and have to stop now, “he said.

And, on the disc “11:11” he indicated that he titled it that way, because every time he looked at the clock or observed a blackboard with a number, “11:11” appeared.

“I felt that they were signs of destiny, I am a very spiritual person and I believe in the energetic theme, I asked for a wish and as time went by it was a very powerful number, if you add the numbers it is my fourth album”, explained .

Maluma said that his production will have collaborations with Puerto Rican artists and that “it is an album that brings a lot to my roots, when I started in music” and that is more urban than its predecessor, “F.A.M.E.” (2018), which earned him the 2018 Latin Grammy for Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album.

Maluma, in turn, has become one of the leading Colombian urban singers, along with J Balvin and Reykon, with the audacity to seize the genre of reggaeton, dominated by artists from Puerto Rico, where the rhythm originated.

As Maluma affirmed, the opportunities to be one of the most coveted artists of the urban genre by the care and discipline that prevailed to reach the current place.

“Before we were not accepted because we were not from here because we did not do good reggaeton, but with work and discipline it helped us to improve, we work hard to make good music, it’s an industry of good songs and we try to do our best and keep learning all the days, “he said. (EFEUSA)


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