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Counties of several states become “sanctuaries” for firearms

Tucson (AZ), .- Impersonating jurisdictions that refuse to collaborate with the federal government in the fight against immigration, counties in several states have become “sanctuaries” for firearms by rejecting the application of measures that seek greater control about sales.

The implementation at state levels of laws that regularize even more sales has not been well received by sheriffs who lead the movement to protect the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, which protects the right to bear arms.

In New Mexico, the state legislature dominated by the Democratic Party sent last night to the desk of the governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, a measure on arms control that the governor is expected to sign.

“The background check is the basis,” Lujan Grisham said in a press release following the approval of the measure by the state legislature, and assured that the “responsible” owners of weapons in New Mexico have “nothing to fear.”

In this state, 23 of the 33 counties have already passed resolutions against applying legislation, which expands the background check during arms sales, including private transactions, something that commonly occurs especially in rural areas.

“This type of regulation will not do anything to prevent crime,” said Tony Mace, president of the New Mexico Association of Aguaciles.

Mace indicated that the main reason why they oppose this proposal is that there is no established system to carry out the state level background check.

“Because the state does not have a database where we can verify this information, this is a violation of the rights granted by the Second Amendment that people can do what they want with their property (firearms)”, Mace affirmed in a telephone interview.

Of the 33 sheriffs that make up the Association, 32 oppose this legislation, as they consider it part of an agenda against the right to bear arms, promoted by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, said Mace.

“They are seeking to criminalize virtually every private firearm transaction in the state.” Selling a gun to your best friend, neighbor or co-worker will require you to pay a fee and fill out paperwork, including whether it is only lent, “the official said. sheriff.

Mace said he was proud of the “sanctuary” measures taken by several counties in New Mexico. He indicated that this is a clear message that voters are sending to legislators about their willingness to defend their constitutional rights.

For its part, the Pershing County Sheriff in Nevada, Jerry Allen, wrote on his Facebook page that he will not use the authority granted him by the state and its residents “to infringe on the right of people to carry firearms” .

In Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak signed a new state law on February 15 that extends the background check of buyers, both in sales and transfers of firearms.

Other states such as Washington, Illinois and Oregon are also pushing measures to regulate the sale of firearms.

In the state of Washington, where legislation was passed that increases the age of 18 to 21 years so that a person can buy a semiautomatic rifle, more than half of the 39 counties, however, have passed resolutions pledging not to apply the measure that will take effect in July.

In the state of Illinois, 63 counties have approved similar measures, defending what they consider their rights under the Second Amendment.

During the past midterm elections, held in November, the Democratic Party won important victories, especially at local and state levels.

During his campaign, he had promised stricter measures to regulate the purchase of firearms, largely due to the failure at the federal level to push this type of change.

According to the Griffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, only this year legislators in more than a dozen states have submitted at least 50 bills that seek greater control over weapons.

These initiatives aim to establish greater regulations on criminal background checks during private firearms sales transactions. (EFEUSA)

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