Governor says he will not tolerate Florida being a “sanctuary” state

 Miami, Florida – Governor Ron DeSantis said today in his first speech on the State of the State before the regional Legislature that he will not tolerate the jurisdictions that protect the undocumented.

“Florida will not be a ‘sanctuary’ state, we will not allow anyone who is here illegally to commit criminal criminal behavior and simply be returned to our communities,” DeSantis said in the official opening address to two months of state legislative sessions.

The Republican, an ally of President Donald Trump, followed the example of the New York mogul in his recent State of the Union address to the US Congress. and invited to his intervention before the regional Legislative to relatives of dead victims of undocumented immigrants.

“Here with us today there are two parents of an angel, Bobby and Kiyan Michael, of Jacksonville, whose son Brandon was murdered by a foreigner who was illegally in our country and who was deported on two previous occasions,” said the governor.

DeSantis said he will not admit jurisdictions that “actively frustrate the application of the law by protecting criminals at the expense of public safety” in reference to cities and counties that decide not to actively collaborate with federal immigration authorities.

“Brandon was a young man committed to getting married, but instead of planning a wedding, Bobby and Kiyan had to plan a funeral,” the governor told the Republican majority.

DeSantis also addressed the “tragedy” of Venezuela, and reiterated his support for Juan Guaidó as interim president of the country, who has been recognized by several governments, the first of them the United States.
“To the community of Venezuelan exiles here in Florida: we are with you and with the people of Venezuela who are looking for freedom and a better future for Venezuela,” he said.

“It is imperative that freedom prevail,” added the Floridian governor, who lamented that the crisis in Venezuela is due to the “nefarious influence of the Cuban government.”

In this regard, he applauded that the Trump government opened the door on Monday for Cuban-Americans to sue more than 200 Cuban entities for allegedly benefiting from properties that were expropriated after the Cuban Revolution, although it did not authorize denunciations against foreign companies. .

DeSantis also addressed a variety of issues, including contamination from blue-green algae and school safety. (EFE)

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