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The Yankees believe they will break the home run mark again this year

Tampa, New York – The New York Yankees claimed their place as the ninth with most home runs in history last season, throwing 267 balls on the other side of the wall and breaking the Major League record that had remained intact for more than two decades. .

This time, outfielder Aaron Judge says that with that brand, the Yankees’ home run activity is just beginning.

“When you have a team in good condition we can think that we are going to surpass the mark we established last year,” Judge said after connecting two in the victory of his team in the Grapefruit League with a 7-1 scoreboard over the Detroit Tigers on Sunday, when the Yankees contributed seven in total on two playing fields.

“We have a good team and a lot of players that can make solid contact, we are a team that is ready and ready to get it,” he said.

In addition to Judge’s two homers, Brett Gardner landed two more and Dominican wide receiver Gary Sanchez blew the bat once and the spring field guest, Isiah Gilliam, landed one more.

About 20 miles from Tampa Bay, Luke Voit also got his second homer in the Yankees’ 2-5 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Gardner said he is confident that the Yankees will have no problem overcoming last year’s home run record, when they surpassed the previous one established by the 1997 Mariners, which is 264 homers.

“We are going to be more powerful this year with the bat,” said Gardner, adding that “I think we are capable of being better than last year in general and in the offensive game.” (Florida, USA)

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