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Puerto Rican singer Manny Manuel claims to be “standing”

San Juan, .- The Puerto Rican singer Manny Manuel said today be “standing”, after the past February 24 was thrown from a stage in the town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with symptoms of drunkenness and stay in Spain seeking help professional.

“There is a very special place in My Heart for those people who have been with Me at all times and loved me when I needed it the most and the saddest it seemed … IT IS FOR THEM THAT I AM ALIVE … AND I’M STANDING! (sic) “, expressed the artist on the Manny Manuel Live page on Facebook’s social network.

Along with the statements, the Puerto Rican artist included the link of a video of the Dominican Christian music singer Marcos Yaroide.
Cruz Manuel Hernández, real name of Manny Manuel, was in Spain to present three shows at the Canary Islands Carnival.

However, in that first presentation, he was booed by the spectators, after this one presenting symptoms of drunkenness.
After the presentation, Manny Manuel approached a group of followers, who accused him of being “drunk”.

In response, the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz in Spain canceled their next two presentations that were to be offered at the carnivals.

Since that day, the Puerto Rican artist has not left Spain, because there he requested professional help and entered a hospital with symptoms of depression.

César Sainz, agent on the singer’s island, said in a statement that Manuel “needs all the prayers and blessings and support and that all the people tell him that we are supporting him.”

Manny Manuel has been the protagonist of other scandals and events.
In 2011, the so-called “King of Hearts” was found shot by the Puerto Rico Police on the side of the road near the Román Baldorioty de Castro Express, after being allegedly beaten by a group of strangers.

In 2015, the Puerto Rican artist was arrested after a police patrol hit while driving in a state of intoxication.
Also, several weeks ago, prior to his trip to Spain, the singer hit a fence of the building of the Corporation of Puerto Rico for Public Broadcasting (WIPR), where the artist is part of a television program. (EFEUSA)

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