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Trump accuses Spike Lee of being “racist” against him in speech at the Oscars

Washington, DC – President Donald Trump today accused filmmaker Spike Lee, who won the Oscar on Sunday for the best script adapted for his film “BlacKkKlansman”, to be “racist” against him during his speech after receiving the award.

“It would be nice if Spike could read his notes, or better yet, not have to use them at all, when he used a racist tone against your president, who has done more for African-Americans (…) than almost all presidents,” he said. Trump on your Twitter account.

The president underlined that under his mandate a reform of the criminal justice of the USA has been approved, “the lowest rates of unemployment” in history among the Afro-American community have been registered and an important fiscal reform has been applied.

In his speech after winning the Oscar, Lee urged that people be “on the right side of history” before next year’s presidential elections in the United States.

“The 2020 presidential election is just around the corner, let’s move on, let’s be on the right side of the story, let’s make the moral choice of love against hatred,” Lee said without explicitly mentioning Trump, who took it for granted.

“‘Let’s do the right thing!'”, Concluded the filmmaker in reference to “Do The Right Thing”, the original title of one of his most famous films.
Lee, who picked up the award with Charlie Wachtel, David Rabinowitz, and Kevin Willmott, won one of the biggest ovations of the evening.

The filmmaker, well known for being a great activist for the rights of African Americans, also drew attention on the red carpet for a wardrobe with which he paid tribute to “Do The Right Thing” and the late musician Prince.

Lee took to the gala some rings with the words “hate” (hate) and “love” (love) as did the character of the actor Bill Nunn in the film “Do The Right Thing”.

Although Lee had never taken a statuette until yesterday, the person in charge of other films like “25th Hour” (2002) did have an honorary Oscar from the Academy for his brilliant career. (EFEUSA)

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