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Lawyers of Guaidó sue before UN rapporteur to Prosecutor and Supreme Court Venezuela

 Washington, – Lawyers for the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaidó, who has proclaimed himself interim president of that country, today demanded the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela and the Attorney General’s Office of Nicolás Maduro before a Special Rapporteur of the United Nations.

In an “individual complaint” presented to the Special Rapporteur of the Human Rights Council on the independence of magistrates and lawyers at the organization’s headquarters in Geneva, the lawyers argue “the lack of independence and impartiality” of both institutions, according to a document to which Efe had access.

The lawyer Ignacio Álvarez, one of the members of the team that brought the action, told Efe in Washington that they seek to “highlight this new violation of the human rights that are being carried out” by the Office of the Prosecutor and the Supreme Court, institutions that it qualified as “instruments at the service of Nicolás Maduro”.

The complaint lists a series of decisions adopted by the Supreme Court since 2015, including the declaration of “contempt” by the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), with an opposition majority, the “omission of the Legislative Power” and the recent “measures” precautionary “requested by the Prosecutor’s Office that prohibit that Guaidó leave the country, may dispose of movable and immovable assets and freezes their accounts.

The lawyer said that the Attorney General “acts jointly with the Court (Supreme) and has also been dedicated to accuse politicians, investigate and run over any opposition that is perceived as a risk to the Government.”

“This is a very serious problem, because it is assumed that in a democratic state there is independence of powers and everyone plays their role and control each other,” said Alvarez, for whom the Supreme and the Prosecutor of Venezuela “lack the minimum independence and impartiality. “

In this context, he indicated that the Supreme Court of Justice, as head of the Judiciary, is “an appendix of the Executive,” as he said, that the Office of the Prosecutor and the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), formed by the ruling.

“The only serious, autonomous, sovereign power that represents popular sovereignty is the National Assembly,” added the lawyer, who said they expect a response as soon as possible.
In the 23-page document, the team of jurists asks the Special Rapporteur to transmit the complaint to the Government of Caracas, “in order to obtain his response on the facts” denounced.

Also to make a public statement rejecting the facts exposed, include them in their reports to the Human Rights Council and “take other actions deemed appropriate, within the framework of its mandate, for the State to ensure that the conduct of judges and prosecutors in Venezuela comply with international standards and principles on the subject. “(EFEUSA) .-

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