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Trump: the day is coming that Venezuela and also Nicaragua and Cuba will be free

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said Monday in Miami that the day is approaching when the entire American continent will be “free for the first time in history” with the defeat of the “tyrannies” of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

“I have come here to proclaim that a new day arrives in Latin America, in Venezuela and throughout the hemisphere socialism is dying and democracy, freedom and prosperity are reborn,” Trump said at a meeting in Miami with the Venezuelan community, who cheered him with shouts and flags.

Trump reiterated his support for the cause of freedom in Venezuela and the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, whom he recognizes since January 23 as president in charge of that country, and stressed that this cause is “winning on all fronts “

In addition, he addressed the military and officials who still support the regime of Nicolás Maduro, whom he described as “puppet of Cuba”, to tell them that “the eyes of the whole world” are placed on them and must accept the offer of amnesty of Guaidó.

“We are looking for a peaceful transition, but all the options remain on the table,” Trump warned in one of the most applauded moments of his speech, which was preceded by a few words from Guaidó via videoconference.
The US president linked in his speech what is happening in Venezuela, a country “made a ruin” by “the discredited socialist ideology” that always leads to “tyranny”, and what happens in Cuba and Nicaragua, and said that the The future of the three countries is linked.

“The twilight hours of socialism are coming,” stressed Trump, who said the United States will never be a socialist.

To those who support Maduro, who -he said- prefers “to see his people die of hunger rather than help them,” he warned them that the United States “knows who they are and where they have saved the billions of dollars they have stolen” .
Before the mother of police Oscar Pérez, who rose up against Maduro and was “viciously murdered” by Venezuelan security forces, Trump promised that the death of his son, as well as that of others who gave their lives for Venezuela, ” it will be in vain. “

Trump did not announce anything new or more measures to pressure Maduro to leave power, but he praised the minds of Venezuelans who see how the outcome of the crisis does not come with an unequivocal message that they are with them and will not leave them.

The president traveled by helicopter from Palm Beach, where he spent the long weekend, because today is a holiday in the US, along with the first lady, Melania, who was the one who introduced him to the audience.

In a few words addressed to those present by videoconference from Caracas before Trump made an appearance, Guaidó himself stressed that we must take advantage of the current moment to achieve the “conquest of freedom” and said that Venezuela is torn between “democracy and democracy”. dictatorship, between life and death. “
“We must take advantage of this moment, the moment is now, Venezuela will be a free country and a friend of the region,” he stressed.

The Florida International University (FIU) Ocean Bank convention center was attended by Republican congressmen and senators, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Núñez, as well as members of the Venezuelan community and political exile.

Among the latter was the president of the Organization of Venezuelan Persecuted Politicians in Exile (Veppex), José Antonio Colina, who asked today in an open letter to President Trump to take the “correct decision” in case the Venezuelan military “does not change sides “and” military support “is necessary.

Senator Marco Rubio, who is considered one of the architects of US policy against the Nicolás Maduro regime, wrote today on Twitter that “regardless of the time it takes, America (USA) will be with Guaidó and the people of Venezuela until democracy is restored “and asked Venezuelans to” not despair “.

Rubio was on Sunday in the Colombian city of Cúcuta, bordering Venezuela, along with congressman Mario Díaz-Balart and the US ambassador. in the Organization of American States (OAS), Carlos Trujillo, to oversee the plan for the delivery of humanitarian aid that is expected to enter on February 23.
All of them were in the act today in which Trump renewed his commitment to the fight to end the “dictatorship” of Maduro.

The Florida Democratic Party issued a statement on the occasion of Trump’s speech, accusing it of having “a double discourse” regarding Venezuela, since, as he said, while defending Guaidó he does not stop deporting Venezuelans who request asylum In U.S.A.

“At a time of deep crisis, the Trump government continues to punish Venezuelan refugees seeking freedom, showing that their deportation machine continues to impact our immigrants, and the United States must grant a TPS to Venezuelans immediately,” said the president. spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Florida Luisana Pérez.

According to figures released by the Democrats, last year 21,722 Venezuelans requested asylum in the United States, and in 2017 they were 27,634. Since 2015 there is an accumulation of 70,000 asylum requests involving 200,000 Venezuelans.
However, the deportations of Venezuelans increased 36% in 2017, from 182 deportees in 2016 to 248 in 2017 and there are about 265 Venezuelans detained.

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