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Resigns for family reasons president of the “Time’s Up” movement

Lisa Borders, president and CEO of the “Time’s Up” movement to combat sexual harassment and assault, announced her resignation on Monday.

Borders, recognized for her performance in the professional women’s basketball league in the United States, the WNBA, said in her Twitter account that she resigned to “address family issues.”

“As Time’s Up continues to grow, I am proud of the work I have done to guide its continued development,” he said.
“Time’s Up” is a movement against sexual harassment created in January 2018 by 300 Hollywood professionals, which has raised 21 million dollars and recruited 700 lawyers to assist those who want to report inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace and fear few means or fear reprisals.

This movement was driven by a group of artists after the scandal of sexual abuse of producer Harvey Weinstein.
After the resignation was known, Time’s Up expressed its “gratitude” to Borders for his work and indicated that he accepts and supports his decision.

“We know that it is the right decision for Lisa as well as for the organization,” the movement added, adding that its operations director, Rebecca Goldman, will serve as interim CEO.
“We remain firm in our mission to create a safe, fair and dignified job for women of all kinds,” the statement added.
“Time’s Up” has become a benchmark in terms of legislative reforms in the matter to the point that the State of New York will introduce this year a series of them to combat sexual harassment and sexual assault and facilitate the survivors seek justice.

Legislative reforms of Time’s Up also refer to confidentiality agreements, which should include specific language so that employees can complain to a local or state agency and testify or participate in a government investigation. (EFEUSA) .-

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