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Johnson & Johnson buys Auris Health robotics firm for 3.4 billion

 The multinational Johnson & Johnson announced on Wednesday that it reached a purchase agreement for its subsidiary Ethicon to buy the firm Auris Health for 3.4 billion dollars, which will accelerate its “entry into robotics”.

In a statement, the business group based in New Brunswick (New Jersey) indicated that it will purchase cash from Auris Health, a technology developer specializing in the treatment of lung cancer, as part of its creation of a “digitally connected ecosystem” in the health sector.

The operation, subject to the approval of the authorities, will foreseeably close at the end of the second quarter of 2019.

Executive vice president and president of medical devices Johnson & Johnson (J & J), Ashley McEvoy, said in the statement that the goal is “to simplify surgery, boost efficiency, reduce complications and improve results for patients.”

J & J will incorporate to its staff the executive and founder of Auris Health, Frederic Moll, considered a visionary in robotics destined to surgery and for whom this business movement “will accelerate the collective innovation of products”.

According to the multinational, Auris Health technology will boost its initiatives for the treatment of lung cancer and also position it as a “leader” in surgical procedures such as “open, laparoscopic, robotic and endoluminal”.

Auris Health is behind innovative Monarch Platform robotic technology, which J & J says is expected to “play an important role” in its Lung Cancer Initiative by developing a “digitally differentiated solution” at key stages of disease treatment, from diagnosis to early intervention .

The acquisition of the robotic firm by J & J comes after its purchase of Orthotaxys orthopedic robotic technology and its development of a strategic alliance with Verily, called Verb Surgical Platform.

Together, McEvoy said, J & J is laying the groundwork for creating a “digitally connected ecosystem” that uses data to improve patient outcomes and also supports medical professionals.

“This ecosystem will empower patients to take charge of their health, guide surgeons through interventions and help them improve their skills, and allow health systems to do more consistent procedures while controlling their costs,” J & J maintained. (EFEUSA) .-

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