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Workers claim to have worked for Trump’s golf club without papers

  A total of sixteen Latin American workers admitted to being employees of the president’s golf club, Donald Trump, without papers or immigration regulations, according to research published today by the Washington Post.

Some of the former employees, who live in the state of New Jersey, provided proof of payment documenting their services provided at the National Golf Club of Bedminster (New Jersey), the Post said.

The journalists also interviewed other former Trump employees who have returned to their hometown in Costa Rica and who provided detailed reports of their passage through the golf club and even photographs inside the facilities and businesses of the New York real estate mogul.

One of the employed workers, Dario Angulo, assured that the golf course “was built by illegals”.

“Many of us have sent Trump to what it is today,” Angulo defended from his “robust” home in the town of Santa Teresa de Cajón, in Costa Rica.
“Built with money from Trump,” said the former employee.

The Post said in its investigation that other men and women who also worked for Trump’s businesses live in that area, which in 2002 was a “source of poorly paid workers” who moved north to take jobs as caregivers, housekeepers and dishwasher.

Apparently, the management of the club hired employees from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala who lived in the workers’ neighborhood of Bound Brook, New Jersey, and before dawn were piled in vans to go to the camp. golf every morning.

One of Trump’s sons, Eric Trump, who manages the organization in charge of the golf course, declined to comment on the payrolls of the immigrants, the newspaper reported.

Nor did club administrators share any statement on the matter after being asked by journalists.

In recent months, information has already been published regarding the hiring of illegal immigrants in Trump’s businesses, who now keep the fight against the undocumented at the top of their government priorities.

A police report said, according to the Post, that one of the golf club’s security officers was notified that some employees used false identification documents.

Another worker from Ecuador acknowledged that in the past she revealed to her supervisor that she illegally accessed the country.

The newspaper assures that many of the illegal workers who worked for Trump companies were dismissed en masse when pressure began on the president to build the wall on the border with Mexico. (EFEUSA) .-

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