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Secretary State of P.Rico warns that Venezuelan aid arrived in Venezuela

The Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, Luis Rivera, said today that the shipment that left San Juan yesterday with articles of first necessity to Venezuela, “arrived”.

In an interview from San Juan for CNN en Español, Rivera, acting governor in the absence of Ricardo Rosselló, added that Puerto Rico “with the planning we have had and the help of the coordinators” appointed by the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, “we have been able to identify some windows and this cargo arrived” that have allowed the aid to arrive.

“It is reaching whoever has to reach it,” he added, without specifying exactly where.

At the same time, he said that from the island “we have seen with much regret” how they try to block land access from Cucutá (Colombia) to Venezuela.

The Government of Puerto Rico sent Wednesday a shipment of humanitarian aid that includes articles for a pediatric and oncological hospital in the South American country.
This was reported yesterday by a video on his Twitter account by the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, where he appeared next to the plane where the aid was loaded, which was collected at the San Juan Convention Center.

In this video, Rivera affirms that the aid will reach the coordinators that Guaidó determined, and the non-governmental organizations “so that these products can reach the oncology and pediatric hospitals in Venezuela immediately.”

Speaking to CNN en Español, Rivera added that in Puerto Rico “we have enough products in our collection centers to make them arrive by other means (…) nor is the military going to stop this, because you have to presume that this soldier Somehow he has a brother, a cousin or a son who needs these basic necessities. “

Finally, he described today as “intolerable” that Nicolás Maduro “prevents the access of what he can not provide his people with basic things like food and medicines” and warned that “we will continue with this effort”.

The first shipment of international humanitarian aid to alleviate the crisis in Venezuela today reached the Colombian city of Cúcuta, according to the US embassy in Bogotá on Thursday.

“Usaid’s first humanitarian aid trucks are in Colombia, while the US positions assistance items destined for Venezuela, at the request of the interim president, Juan Guaidó, and we work to deliver them as soon as possible,” the embassy wrote on Twitter.

The diplomatic representation also published images in which two people can be seen helping to unload the numerous boxes of food and medicines in a warehouse in the city, departmental capital of Norte de Santander. (USAEFE)

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