Melania Trump and first lady Colombia will tackle the drug crisis

Melania Trump and first lady Colombia will tackle the drug crisis The first lady of the USA Melania Trump EFE / Archive

The first lady, Melania Trump, and her counterpart from Colombia, María Juliana Ruiz, will address in a meeting in Washington, on February 13, the crisis of addiction to drugs and opiates in the country.

This was announced today by Melania Trump to the press during her visit to the Office of National Policy for Drug Control, where she met with those responsible for the fight against addiction to this type of substances.

“I plan to talk to her (Ruiz) about the opioid crisis,” said Melania, referring to the visit of the Colombian first lady next week, who will travel to the country accompanying her husband, the president of Colombia, Iván Duque. .

In her meeting today with those in charge of drug control in the country, Melania Trump was interested in the risks derived from the consumption of fentanyl, a potent analgesic used to treat very advanced diseases that traffickers use in illegal proportions and even combine with heroin to increase the potency of the dose.
“I heard that in many universities they have problems, it’s very dangerous,” the first lady said, “we have a real crisis.”

The director of the Office for Drug Control, Jim Carrol, informed Melania Trump of the procedures with which the entry of illegal substances into the country is detected.

“Canines are the most effective way to detect drugs, but they have to be specially trained to detect synthetic substances such as fentanyl,” said Carroll before announcing that in January they prevented the entry of more than 100 kilograms of this substance into the border of Mexico, together with 180 kilos of methamphetamine and another 50 kilos of Chinese fentanyl in Philadelphia.

The meeting next week between the first ladies will coincide with the interview that the president, Donald Trump, and Duque will also keep in the White House.

Among the issues that will be addressed at that meeting, both leaders will analyze “the ongoing efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela” and strategic alliances in the continent, the office of the presidential spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, informed on Wednesday.

The presidents will also discuss their commitment to combat terrorism and illicit drug trafficking networks, as well as projects to accelerate countries’ economic growth.

It will be the first official visit of the new president of Colombia to Washington and the second meeting between the two leaders after the one held in September last year during the celebration of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. (EFEUSA) .-


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