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Trump aims to end HIV in the country in the next decade

The president, Donald Trump, today set himself the goal of ending a decade with “the HIV epidemic” in his country, and promised to dedicate government funds to that end and to the fight against childhood cancer.

“Together, we will end AIDS in the United States and in the world,” Trump said during his annual address on the State of the Union before Congress.

The president stressed that “in recent years, the United States has made” remarkable progress in the fight against HIV (acquired immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS. “
“Scientific advances have brought what was once a distant dream in. My budget proposal (for the next fiscal year) will ask Democrats and Republicans to make the commitment necessary to eliminate the HIV epidemic within 10 years.” Trump advanced.

The president also asked that lawmakers join him in “the fight against childhood cancer,” and highlighted the story of one of her guests at the speech at the Congress, ten-year-old Grace Eline, who has just passed a treatment for a brain tumor.

“Many childhood cancers have been without new therapies for decades, and my budget proposal will ask Congress for 500 million dollars in the next decade to finance this crucial, life-saving research,” he said.
Trump also said that his “next big priority” will be to lower the prices of prescription drugs, and asked Congress to approve a bill on the matter.

“It is unacceptable that Americans pay much more than people in other countries for exactly the same drugs, often manufactured in the same place, this is wrong, it is unfair, and together we can end it,” he said.

Last October, Trump presented an ambitious proposal to reduce the prices of some prescription drugs, and thus face the imbalance between the costs of drugs in his country and in Europe.

The initiative seeks that the agency in charge of the federal program of subsidized medical insurance for the elderly, called Medicare, can negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies the prices of certain medicines, based on the costs paid for them in other industrialized economies (EFEUSA). –

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