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Mayor of San Juan says that Secretary of the Treasury was not allowed to work

 The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, said today that Teresa Fuentes, the secretary of the Treasury of the Government of Puerto Rico, gave up her position because she was not allowed to work.

“What seems to be that ‘Teresita’ – Fuentes – was not allowed to work and this is a woman who has a long career in the private sector,” Cruz told the press when asked about the departure of the department official of Finance.

Cruz, who participated in the closing day of the meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) held in San Juan on recovery from the hurricanes of 2017, said that the resignation was probably related to the professional size of Fuentes .

“When you move from the private sector to the public it is done because you have a real interest, not money, despite the astronomical salaries of the central government,” he said about Fuentes’ career, after pointing out that a change in that direction to the desire of people who “want to make a contribution”.

“It seems obvious that he resigns because he wants to be the person in charge of the Treasury,” he said.

The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, announced on Tuesday the appointment of Raul Maldonado as the new secretary of the Department of the Treasury, while serving as chief financial officer (CFO, for its acronym in English) and director of the Office of Management and Budget (OGP).

Cruz said about the new finance secretary that his professional relationship with the official in previous stages was correct.

As for whether there are too many responsibilities for a single person, he said that the OGP and the Department of the Treasury are two too important agencies.

Cruz did not want to comment on the hypothetical departure of Maldonado from the Executive and limited himself to indicating that he does not have elements of judgment to know if he will leave the Government.

“What I think is that when a person has too many hats and too many something takes priority over something else,” he added.

Cruz also referred to information that in 2014 Maldonado’s son had been subcontracted by an entity that serves the Municipality of San Juan to clarify that the work he did was “excellent”.

“This shows that in the municipality of San Juan people are not hired according to their ideology,” he said, after recalling that he began working in the municipality of San Juan before there was a change of government.

Cruz stressed that the country is asking for direction, in addition to pointing out that there are changes that are necessary, but that “you have to have pants to say that so-and-so is not working and it’s over.”

“The governor who fights with the Fiscal Oversight Board, but welcomes the approval of the Fiscal Plan.” A governor who says that he is going to give more money to the University but takes money from it, is that double stick of to say that Donald Trump is doing a great job but that he brings out his chest against him, “clarified Cruz.

Therefore, he said that “the country can not stand hypocrisy and double stick.”

“What the country does not want is a lie, and many media last week began to say that there are problems in the governor’s cabinet, but he refused and denied until a media outlet had to take out the letter of resignation.” (EFEUSA ) .-

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