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Pelosi believes that Trump prefers to do a “soap opera” instead of negotiating

 The president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, today accused the president, Donald Trump, of preferring “a soap opera” to negotiate “with seriousness” the border security and the end of the partial closure of the administration.

“I’m not even sure the president wants the wall, I think he just wants to create a debate around it,” Pelosi said at his weekly press conference in Washington.

The Democratic leader criticized Trump for his “petulance” when managing the financing of the presiding government and suggested that he would be leading the “dramatic role” during the current political debate.

“If he had confidence in his own position, why would he say he has to close the government?” Pelosi questioned, who considers Trump guilty of partial closure of the administration because “he can not get away with it.”

In her speech, the Democratic leader affirmed that this Wednesday, in one with the president, Trump asked her directly for her support of the wall and not for border security in general.

“He said that if in 30 days I would support a wall and I said no, then he left and said something else,” he said, reiterating that the Democrats support border security, not the construction of the barrier.

“Not only the president was not presidential in his behavior yesterday … what he is proposing is not the best way to secure our borders,” Pelosi argued, while ironically saying that Trump’s attitude to her was not ” surprise. “(EFEUSA) .-

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