Trump reiterates that he will maintain the administrative closure “whatever it takes”

    Trump reiterates that he will maintain the administrative closure "whatever it takes" US President Donald Trump participates in the signing of a legislative treaty against human trafficking in the Oval Office at the White House, Washington D.C (United States) today, January 9, 2019. EFE

    The president, Donald Trump, insisted today that the wall with Mexico is a “necessity” and affirmed his willingness to maintain the partial closure of the Administration “as long as it takes”.

    “The wall is an eternity, all the other things, the sensors and the drones, they are wonderful, they work if you have a wall, if you do not have the wall, it does not matter, a drone will not stop a thousand people from crossing. the border, “said Trump in an act at the White House.

    The president remarked that “we must put politics aside and return to common sense.”

    “They say it’s a medieval solution, it’s true, it’s medieval because it worked then and it works even better now,” the president said of his controversial border project.

    Minutes later, upon his arrival at the Capitol to hold talks on this issue, he reiterated the need to reinforce “border security,” and said he was willing to maintain partial closure “as long as necessary.”

    Trump made these declarations before participating in a luncheon with congressmen of the republican party, and to sustain later a meeting with heads of the democratic opposition in the White House to try to unblock the situation.

    Last night, the president sent a television message to the country of eight minutes from the Oval Office, broadcast during prime time, in which he denounced “a humanitarian crisis and increasing security” on the border with Mexico that, according to him, it demands the creation of the wall, for which it requests to be approved 5,700 million dollars.
    The Democratic opposition, which controls the House of Representatives, has insisted on its side that it will reject the delivery of funds for the construction of the wall.

    The inability to reach a pact between democrats and republicans on the federal budget has forced the partial paralysis of the government administration, which today fulfilled its day number 19.

    In addition to various agencies that have had to suspend some of their functions due to lack of resources, about 420,000 employees considered essential have continued working without earning salary, while another 380,000 remain on leave, also without compensation, local media recalled.

    Trump will travel tomorrow to the southern border in Texas, where he will meet with authorities to learn first hand the situation in the area. (EFEUSA) .-

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