Biden, former vice president of Obama, studies to attend the presidential 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who held the post during Barack Obama’s term (2009-2017), is studying to run as a Democratic Party presidential candidate in the upcoming elections of 2020, several media reported today.

Although Biden, who before joining Obama was already a presidential candidate in 1988 and 2008, has not published any statement on this matter, some members of his team and close sources reported that the politician will decide this month if Presents the presidential race again.

The CNN news network said today that a source close to the former vice president confirmed that Biden “would be leaning” toward formally submitting a candidacy.

“If he made a decision during Christmas, which is what he hoped to do, he has not even informed his closest allies,” said the source, who requested his anonymity to avoid “interfering in private conversations,” according to CNN.

The New York Times also quoted sources close to Biden as saying he is considering making a positive decision as he is “skeptical about the options that other Democrats have with an eye on the White House” to finally beat the current president, Donald. Trump.

His option, however, will have to deal with the new faces of the party that demand new and younger candidates that can represent the diversity that has reached the new US Congress after the last legislative elections.

Precisely during those elections, Biden already spoke on this issue and mentioned the month of January as the date on which he would supposedly study the matter, although it would be too early to announce it publicly.

“I would not announce it even if he were to introduce me so early It would be too early to start (…) the moment” will depend on the circumstances and many things, “Biden said in statements collected by CNN.

In 2015, before the last presidential elections, Biden refused to register his candidacy to compete against Hillary Clinton, although the current scenario is much more open, with many Democratic politicians studying their turnout in the upcoming elections and without any clear leadership in the party.


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