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Trump says that the closure of the government is a democratic electoral strategy

President Donald Trump said today that the partial closure of the Administration, which takes thirteen days, responds to a strategy of the Democratic Party ahead of the presidential elections of 2020, in which he will stand for re-election.

“The closure of the Administration is due solely to the presidential elections of 2020. The Democrats know they can not win based on all of Trump’s achievements. (…) For them, it is strictly a political game,” the president said. in your Twitter account.

In addition, Trump said the Democrats “are doing everything possible” to avoid the “desperately necessary” wall and reinforce the border security of the country.

Since last December 22, the Administration entered its third partial closure of this government after the negotiation between Republicans and Democrats in Congress came to a standstill as a result of the Trump requirement that the budget proposal include a departure of more than 5,000 million dollars for the border wall.

The Democratic leaders of the Congress met with Trump in the White House on Wednesday to present him with a proposal to end the administrative closure without the funds that the president considers necessary for the construction of the wall.

The Democratic caucus in the lower house, with its new majority, plans to vote today on a legislative package to reopen the administration based on laws that were previously approved by the Senate, with a Republican majority, and other separate legislation to authorize funds for National Security until on February 8.

The likely next speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said yesterday that approving this second initiative “would give 30 more days” to Democrats, Republicans and Trump to negotiate on funds for US border security, without the need for have the Administration partially closed.

Both the White House and the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, rejected the Democratic idea and Trump again convened another meeting in the White House on Friday with the leaders of both parties.

Administrative paralysis affects agencies of ten Executive departments, including Transportation and Justice; as well as dozens of national parks, which are usually a major tourist attraction.

The closure harms some 800,000 of the 2.1 million federal workers, who will not charge as long as the government remains closed and are at the expense of approving a new budget. (EFEUSA) .-

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