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Explosion of a transformer in Queens illuminates blue New York sky

An explosion at a power plant located in the New York neighborhood of Queens blue illuminated for more than a minute the sky of this district to the bewilderment of many neighbors.

According to the New York Police Department, “an explosion of a transformer of a power plant in Queens is being investigated.”

The police asked citizens to avoid approaching the area, located between 20th Avenue and 31st Street in this neighborhood east of Manhattan.

The intense intermittent light began shortly after 9:00 pm local time (02:00 GMT) and was preceded by a slight cut in the electricity grid, as Efe noted.

Numerous neighbors peered through its windows to look at the sky, which for more than a minute was illuminated with different shades of blue while listening to a buzzing.

A plume of smoke could be perceived at the site of the explosion, which caused a fire that the firefighters could control, local media reported.

According to the CBS network, the New York La Guardia airport, located in the north of this neighborhood, was temporarily closed.

The spokesman of the city council, Eric Philips, joked with the happened thing assuring that it was not an extraterrestrial phenomenon.

“They are not aliens, it was an explosion in an electrical installation in Queens that caused power outages, including the La Guardia airport,” Philips said in his Twitter account, after local people showed their concern on the networks. for what they had just witnessed.

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