Young people from Puerto Rico will demand that the US Congress attend to possible crisis Medicaid

 A group of young Puerto Ricans announced today that they will manage before the new US Congress to expedite a possible crisis in the island if the reimbursements for Medicaid are not raised, which is used to cover the expenses of the Health Reform.

The group leader, Roberto Pagán, said today in a press release, because Puerto Rico is not a state of the United States “receives just under 50 percent of reimbursements for expenses incurred in Medicaid, which is used to pay for the Health Reform and thus guarantee that all Puerto Ricans have health insurance. “

“If we were a state, the level would rise to over 85. That is precisely the message we want to bring to all the members of the new Congress, the marked inequality has to end,” said Pagán in written statements.
In response, Pagán said that “a humanitarian crisis is approaching in Puerto Rico because we are a colony.”

He also indicated that after the expiration of Obamacare funds and the disaster caused by Hurricane Maria, the federal government sent a $ 2.2 billion grant to assist with Medicaid expenses.

However, those funds will expire in 2020, which would return to the pre-Obamacare reimbursement level of around 40 percent.

That would mean, according to Pagán, that the Government of Puerto Rico separates between 1,200 and 1,400 million dollars each year to pay for medical insurance for the most needy on the island.

According to Pagán, around 1.6 million Puerto Ricans depend on health reform, and the annual cost of it is estimated at 2.2 billion dollars.
“We are going to flood the emails of the congressmen, we are going to develop a campaign through social networks so that every senator and representative knows what is happening here and to ask them to act immediately,” he said. (EFEUSA) .-

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