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Murders, robberies and deaths on roads mid-morning of Christmas in Puerto Rico

A couple of murders, a bullet wound, a robbery to an ATM and the death of an old man in a traffic accident, has been the balance of events so far this morning, in celebration of Christmas in Puerto Rico, according to the local police.

The most recent murder reported by the police occurred between 0500 and 0600 this morning, when local authorities found a burnt body inside a vehicle on Highway 972, in the Paloma sector of the Mariana neighborhood in Naguabo, in the east coast of the island.

At the moment the identity of the deceased is unknown.

The second murder was reported at 04.48 in the morning, after the police found the body of a man – who has not been identified – with several bullets inside a car on Calle Refugio in the Sanjuanero sector of Santurce.

Agents assigned to the Division of Homicide of the Criminal Investigation Unit of San Juan took charge of the investigation in union with the public prosecutor.

Meanwhile, a woman identified as Kerly Oquendo Galarza and a resident of the Condado tourist sector, was shot and wounded at the entrance to the La Perla neighborhood in San Juan.

The woman was reportedly inside a car when someone shot her in the area of ​​her cheekbone.

The woman was transported to the Medical Center Hospital of Río Piedras (San Juan) and her condition is unknown.

Agents assigned to the Aggression Division of the CIC of San Juan took charge of the investigation.

Meanwhile, the police have reported several robberies, including an ATM at 03.35 in the morning at the Total gas station on Highway 185 in Canovanas, a municipality east of San Juan.

According to the police complaint, five individuals arrived at the aforementioned gas station aboard a van, with which they broke the front of the aforementioned establishment.

Immediately, one of the subjects points to the cashier with a firearm and tells him to cover his eyes and not look at them.

Meanwhile, the rest of the assailants appropriated the machine to dispense cash.

At the moment, the total amount of money the robbers took away is unknown.

Agents of the Robbery Division of the local CIC were notified about this fact.

According to reports, the local employee was unharmed.

In another incident, an old man of 86 years and identified as Antonio Delgado Cruz, died at dawn today, when in the car that went as a passenger and driven by Glorida Andino Ramos, 78, collided with another car that was detained on the PR-53 highway in Naguabo.

Delgado Cruz received serious injuries, for which he was treated and transported to the Naguabo Diagnostic and Treatment Center, where he arrived without vital signs.

Carlos Delgado Andino, driver of the stopped vehicle, as well as the passengers, Ivelisse Reyes Torres, and a minor of 5 years, resulted with minor injuries.

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