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They offer $ 10,000 for 15-year-old boy killer capture in Orlando

 Orlando, Fla., Police today offered a $ 10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person who shot and killed a 15-year-old boy as he was walking to his school in this city, local media reported.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning, when Alejandro Vargas Martinez was walking toward Orlando’s Boone High School and was hit by a bullet, the Orange County sheriff’s office said.

The minor was transferred in critical condition to a nearby hospital, but the doctors could not do anything to save his life.

The police have asked for citizen collaboration to find the whereabouts of the murderer of the boy, who lived in the neighborhood where the school is located.

Frank Skinner, a neighborhood neighbor who heard gunfire from the porch of his house and went outside, assured the WFTV9 channel that it was not a random shooting.

The boy “was a target, it’s not random that at that early hour in the morning a 15-year-old boy gets a shot, that’s just not the case,” Skinner said.

The school, which closed the doors after hearing of the murder, issued a statement in which it shows regret for the “tragic death on the way to school” and expresses its pain and solidarity with the family for the “moment of extreme difficulty that crosses”. EFEUSA) .-

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