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Facebook shared more data than those recognized with technological giants

The social network Facebook shared more personal data of its users with technological giants such as Microsoft, Amazon or Netflix of those who had made themselves known until now, according to The New York Times.

The New York newspaper had access to hundreds of internal documents of Mark Zuckerberg’s company that reveal how he shared the data without the consent of the users and thus generated his business model through advertising.

Facebook authorized Bing, the search engine of Microsoft, to see all the names of the friends of Facebook users.
Netflix and Spotify allowed them to read the private messages of their users.

The social network also gave Amazon access to the users’ names and contact information and Yahoo allowed her to view publications of friendships.

Some of these practices occurred at least until the summer months, when sprinkled by multiple privacy scandals, Facebook had publicly said that it no longer allowed it.

In total, some 150 companies, mostly technological businesses, benefited from these agreements to access Facebook data, which has 2,200 million users.

Facebook privacy director Steve Satterfield told the New York newspaper that none of these agreements violated privacy agreements or commitments with federal regulators.

To the different Facebook privacy scandals that have undermined the image and reputation of the company, the controversy that surrounds the social network due to the use of its platform spreading hoaxes and false news in electoral processes with the aim of influencing the results

In the concrete case, the presidential elections in the United States. In 2016, Facebook estimated that some 10 million people were exposed to more than 3,000 ads paid for false accounts allegedly linked to Russia.

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