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Chyno Miranda will donate what he earns in “Mira Quién Baila” to Venezuelan children

 Singer-songwriter Jesús “Chyno” Miranda, who is preparing for a 2019 that will bring him new experiences, such as being a father for the first time and his first solo album, will donate everything he earns in “Mira Quién Baila All Stars” to food child in his native Venezuela.

“I have an alliance with a great foundation called ‘Alimenta Venezuela’ and in fact in January I am about to inaugurate my first solidary dining room called Jesús” Chyno “Miranda”, he revealed excited in an interview with Efe during a photo session and promotional videos for the Univision network dance contest.

“I’m very excited about this, because I’ve been with the children (benefited by Alimenta Venezuela) and there are 12 dining rooms,” said the 34-year-old artist.
Figures from the organization indicate that monthly offers “12,000 lunches a month to 580 children (between 0 and 12 years) and 25 nursing mothers, who are previously diagnosed with some degree of malnutrition.”

The dining room that will be named after who became known as part of the Chinese duo and Nacho, who separated in 2017, is located in his hometown, La Guaira, in northern Venezuela, 30 kilometers from Caracas.

“I am very sensitive to children, always, but now more than I am going to be a father,” acknowledged Chyno, who in April will have his first child, a boy, with his wife, Natasha Arao.

That is why Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez, as it is really called “Chyno”, has held days of collecting toys for children in soup kitchens in Venezuela and for schools with a high population of immigrant children in the area of ​​South Florida where he resides.
He also added that once his efforts to help children are consolidated, he will expand his work to help emigrated Venezuelans to other Latin American countries.

The singer-songwriter of “El peor” continues to fine-tune the release of his first solo album, which he has christened “Chévere” and whose date has been postponed for more than a year, to adapt to the current music marketing system, to get the most out of possible singles until completing the total promotion of the album.

Within this strategy, it is planned to launch a new musical collaboration the first week of January, coinciding with the premiere of “Mira Quién Baila All Stars”, on January 6.

“If I give details they kill me, we want it to be a big surprise,” he said.
Known for his talent for dance, Miranda ruled out being one of the favorites to win the contest, which also includes Mexicans El Dasa, Mexican regional music singer, and soap opera actress Sherlyn.

Also the Cuban artist Pedro Moreno, the Dominican conductor and actress Clarissa Molina, the Puerto Rican ex-boxer Iván Calderón and the Miami-born Americans Amara La Negra, singer of Dominican parents, and the plus size model Denise Bidot, of Puerto Rican ancestors.

“I have a lot of respect for the profession, for the dance, even though I have some kind of facility in choreography, I know it’s very difficult,” he said.

“To be here is a reason for reinvention, to do something different, to be able to show my audience that in the artistic career there are no limitations and that one can express oneself through different disciplines,” he stressed.

Besides composer and interpreter of urban music, Miranda starred in the movie “El malquerido”, about the life of the bolero singer Felipe Pirela.

But more than anything, he said he decided to take on the challenge when he realized he would be the only contestant in his country.
“I want to represent Venezuela and also, I want my son when he grows up to see me and realize that there really is no impossibility in life,” he said.

His Christmas plans include “eating all the hallacas (typical Christmas dish in Venezuela) that he can” and enjoy his family and his wife’s (EFEUSA) .-

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