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The Redskins will not sign Kaepernick

The Redskins of Washington rule out the possibility of hiring quarterback Colin Kaepernick, although they saw another of his quarterbacks suffer a broken leg.

Jay Gruden, head coach of the Redskins, said the team has talked about Kaepernick, “but we’re probably going in a different direction,” according to the Washington Post.

Gruden’s explanation was that “if this had been the first week of the championship, maybe it would be a greater possibility to bring Kapernick, but we are already in the thirteenth, there are only four games left and it is difficult to bring someone like Kapernick because we would be talking of a new group of formations, concepts and all those things. “

Veteran Mark Sanchez, who completed 13 of 21 passes for 100 yards with an interception after Colt McCoy suffered a fibula fracture in the first half of Monday’s game, is the only quarterback on the Redskins’ list.

The Redskins hired Sanchez last month to back McCoy after Alex Smith suffered a leg injury in a loss to the Houston Texans.
Gruden said McCoy underwent successful surgery on Tuesday to repair the fracture and is not expected to be placed on the injured reserve at this time.

Kaepernick has not been signed by any one NFL team since he retired from his contract with the San Francisco 49ers in March 2017. (EFEUSA).

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