Rosalia, Flemish ambassador, and a dreamer J Balvin join in Latin Grammy

The Spanish singer Rosalía (r) poses with the Colombian singer J Balvin today during the event YouTube Music: Latin Music Press Brunch, in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). EFE

Pressing, counts the download Las Vegas, Nov 14 (EFEUSA) .- A Rosalia that was defined as “an ambassador of flamenco” and a J Balvin “proud of being Latino” and wanting to continue dreaming joined today in an act of YouTube Music in Las Vegas that featured the two big favorites for the Latin Grammy that take place tomorrow.

The video platform has been supporting Hispanic music for several years and participating in the Latin Grammy with parallel acts and today he had one J Balvin, aspiring to eight golden gramophones, and Rosalía, who could win five prizes.

The young Barcelonian, who has just released her long-awaited album “El mal querer”, reflected on her passion for flamenco or how videos have helped her achieve popularity outside her country.

“I would say that I feel like an ambassador of this music that I love so much, that I love so much, that changed my life when I discovered it.” I feel that I am in love with flamenco and I would like to share it with everyone (…) so that everyone can fall in love with her, “he said.

Later, Rosalía qualified that her five nominations are all for the fusion of the single “Malamente”.

“I would never dare to say that ‘Malamente’ is flamenco because, for many people, it means flamenco, as it is codified today, it is something very concrete.
I would say that it has flamenco inspiration, and if that serves as a door for many other people to discover this genre, so that many other people will discover Juana la del Pipa or el Capullo de Jerez, because I am the happiest in the world, “he said.

Although Rosalía considered that in music “somehow everything is invented”, the singer emphasized that “the illusion that one can invent something new” is pretty, playing with the artistic context or interlacing different influences.

In this sense, Rosalía thought that the videos of “Malamente” or “Pienso en tu mirá” have “reinforced” her music.

“I’m very detail, of things, I’m watching everything, and the videos are an extension of my music, one more part of my proposal that I like to take care of,” he explained.

For his part, J Balvin stressed that Spanish is entering more and more force into the global “mainstream”.

“I feel very proud of being Latino and I want the world to realize that we Latinos have everything to vibrate,” said the Colombian.

“God bless the reguetón, amen,” he added.

Although he has climbed to the top of the urban genre, J Balvin said he continues to dream of achieving all kinds of goals.

“I have personal, spiritual dreams, also of ego, material … I would like to have a house like that, but also be a human being that wherever I go, bring light, or I would like to have a family with two children, make sales records … “, he enumerated.

“I believe that everything has a price in life, it’s a law, some of us pay a very high price for the dreams we want to make, but that does not mean I do not enjoy it,” he added about the personal cost of fame.


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