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The coalition admits two new civilian casualties in Syria and Iraq

Two other civilians were killed “unintentionally” by the international coalition led by the United States. that combats jihadism in Syria and Iraq, according to a report released today by the alliance, with which 1,061 innocent people have been killed by the alliance since August 2014.

All these civilians lost their lives “unintentionally” in the framework of the operation “Inherent Resolve” (Inherent Resolution) of the alliance, the coalition said in a statement.

This figure is a slight increase compared to the last monthly report, released in July, when the coalition recognized the death of 1,059 civilians since the beginning of the mission, four years ago.

Over the past month, the coalition has worked on 232 ongoing investigations and received two new complaints about possible failed attacks.

In total, the alliance concluded 18 of these investigations, three of which were considered credible and 15 were rejected. The remaining 216 inquiries remain open.

“As we have shown, we are willing to investigate new allegations of civilian deaths, as well as solid evidence related to past allegations to account for the best available evidence,” the coalition said in its statement.

The allies also highlighted that, thanks to the 29,920 operations carried out in recent years, the Islamic State terrorist group barely controls 1% of what its caliphate called on Syrian and Iraqi soil.

Washington leads the international coalition, consisting of 73 countries and 5 international organizations that, under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council, aims to put an end to jihadism in Syria and Iraq in the framework of the “Inherent Resolve” operation.

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