Humanitarian Brigade brings water to the Arizona desert to save immigrants

United under the slogan “humanitarian aid is not a crime”, religious leaders, humanitarian personnel and residents of the border today placed water in some of the most remote areas of the Arizona desert in order to “save the lives” of undocumented immigrants. .

About 60 people visited the Wildlife Refuge of Cabeza Prieta, on the border of Arizona, one of the most dangerous routes for immigrants crossing the desert, which reach temperatures that exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius). .

In 2017, 32 lifeless bodies of undocumented immigrants were found inside this wildlife refuge.

“When immigrants cross these places, water is vital, they can not survive the high temperatures without the water placed by humanitarian groups,” said Rev. Mary Katherine Morn.

The president of the Services Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association, which represents congregations in Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia, and the city of Washington, lamented the “crisis on the border” and the criminalization of humanitarian personnel.

Last January Scott Warren, a volunteer from the group “No More Deaths” was arrested by Border Patrol agents when he provided humanitarian aid to two undocumented immigrants in a camp of this organization.

“We are here to witness the work that every day humanitarian groups like ‘No more deaths’ do in the Arizona desert, the difficulties and harassment that live on the part of the authorities,” the reverend told Efe.

Warren faces federal charges and his trial is scheduled for next September.

Additionally, seven other volunteers from that same organization are facing federal charges related to their humanitarian work within the natural refuge.

Morn also described as “inhuman” images captured by “No more deaths”, where you can see on video to Border Patrol agents destroying and throwing away the water that volunteers leave in the desert to save lives.

He indicated that many times in the interior of the country there is not heard about the deaths of immigrants on the border, of the humanitarian crisis that is being lived, which requires a greater understanding.

“Humanitarian aid is in danger in several aspects, volunteers are facing charges only for leaving water in the desert, our message should be clear, humanitarian aid is never a crime,” he said.

At the end of fiscal year 2017, a total of 294 undocumented immigrants died along the border with Mexico, according to official figures from the Border Patrol.


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