Mexico bathes in gold in the Central American swim with four golds of seven in dispute

Mexico again demonstrated its power in the swimming of the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla by winning four of the seven gold medals that were played in the day of this Tuesday at the Eduardo Movilla Aquatic Complex.

In 200 meters men’s free Jorge Andres Iga Mexican with a time of 1 minute, 47 seconds and 19 hundredths imposed new record for regional games.

Iga defeated his compatriot Long Yuan Miguel Gutiérrez who stopped the clock with 1: 48.09 and Mikel Schreuders, of Aruba, who took the bronze with 1: 48.63.

The second test in which Mexico swept and again made the 1-2, with gold and silver, was in the women’s 200 meters combined, with a new Central American and Caribbean record.

Here Mónika González won with a time of 2: 16.27 and beat her compatriot Esther González, who arrived in 2: 16.69 and signed the silver. The bronze went to the Puerto Rican Kristen Romano, who finished with 2: 17.01.

The women’s free 4x100m relay gave the Mexican team integrated by Mónika González, María Fernanda González, Tayde Ana Sofía Revilak Fonseca and Liliana Ibáñez López as they beat the record with 3: 47.07.

The silver was for Colombia with 3: 47.89 -the record of the Mexican women four years ago- and the bronze for Venezuela with 3: 49.42.

“Our balance is very positive so far, maybe half of the tests we had a higher forecast of medals and we had not achieved it, but we kept the attitude and that led us to duplicate what we wanted to achieve and we still have one day left. of competition”, Liliana Ibáñez told Efe.

In the men’s branch of the free 4x100m relay Mexico won with 3: 18.60 and beat the record that Venezuela had with 3: 22.35 from Mayagüez 2010.

Mexican swimmer Jorge Andrés Iga was registered on Tuesday to celebrate his victory in the men’s 200m freestyle event of the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Games, in Barranquilla (Colombia). EFE

This time the Venezuelans hung the silver with 3: 22.35 and the bronze reached Trinidad and Tobago with 3: 22.83.

The Aztec team was made up of Jorge Andrés Iga, Daniel Ramírez Carranza, Long Yuan Miguel Gutiérrez and Horus Briseño Ramires.

“Although we are fulfilling the objectives that we set for the Central American and Caribbean Games, we want more because our goal is to have a very good participation in the Olympics in Tokyo, where we will have finalists,” said Long Yuan at the conclusion of the competition.

The Mexican hegemony ended in the tests of 50 meters back and 100 meters male butterfly and 800 meters free female.

In the 50 meters back the victory went to Trinidad and Tobago with Dylan Carter, who set a new record for the games with a time of 24:83. The silver medal was for the Venezuelan Robinson Molina and the bronze for the Trinidadian also David Jonathan McLeod.

Joanna Evans, from the Bahamas, won the gold medal in the 800 meters freestyle with a time of 8: 44.53, the silver was for the Mexican Allyson Macias and the bronze for the Costa Rican Helena Moreno.

In the 100 meters butterfly Guatemalan Luis Carlos Martinez won the gold and beat the record of the jousts with 52:20. The silver went to the Mexican Long Yuan Miguel Gutiérrez and the bronze to the Colombian Esnaider Reales.


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