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Tom Brady wants to stay in the NFL, but he recognizes that retirement is near

The figure of the legendary field marshal Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, returned to star in today in the world of the National Football League (NFL) by admitting that he feels very keen to remain active, but at the same time He once admitted that his retirement is near.

Brady, who next August turns 41, was the protagonist in the special interview that made the host Oprah Winfrey and was broadcast on Sunday on television.

“I am motivated to continue my professional career, but I also think of retirement more now than before, what I see is that, definitely, the end of my career will come, sooner rather than later,” said Brady, current MVP ( MVP) of the NFL.

Brady did not want to put a date to his retirement, but he assured that his continuity will always depend on the interest and motivation that he has to do it.

“I will continue to play the time I love doing it, play, train, prepare and be committed, but I also think about what I have pointed out in the documentary (Tom vs. Time) of several things that happen in my life,” said Brady. Then he also remembered the family factor by having three children with whom he wants to share more time.

“You better be there for them or in the future they will look back and say, ‘Dad really did not care much,'” added Brady, who also admitted that he does not accept being described as the best player in history because he thinks who still have important things to contribute to the game, and be a little better.

“I’ve played a lot of time and it’s not about saying, ‘Hey, friend, I’m going to become something different.’ No. I am what I am, I know my strengths, I have improved on some of my weaknesses and I still think I want to go out field, compete and play with several young people of 22. It’s fun, “said Brady.

Patriots quarterback also assessed other issues such as his first years in the NFL, training regime, spirituality, players kneeling during the anthem ceremony and paternity.

Brady shared his opinion by pointing out that a great aspect of sports is the way he unites people.

The interview ended when Brady read a letter he had posted on social media about the importance of the will.

In particular about the Patriots of 2018, Brady was asked if he trains separately from the rest of the team.

“I would not say it that way, but I probably train some of my own techniques differently than the rest of the team,” Brady explained. “The team, like most of them, is very systematic and what I learned, I suppose, is different and works for me.”

Brady was categorical when Winfrey asked him how was his professional and personal relationship with the legendary coach Bill Belichick, if as mentioned there is currently some kind of confrontation.

“No. I love him, I love that he is an incredible coach, a mentor for me and he has motivated me in different ways, like everything else, we do not agree with everything, but that is the relationship”, he answered.

He also expressed his assessment of the balloon scandal deflated intentionally, which ultimately cost him six games suspension, but that left him great personal lessons.

“He let me see the people I can really count on, the one who really supports me and taught me a lot about life, sometimes you do what you can and can not do.” There were many frustrations and I tried to fight as much as I could. I think “, analyzed Brady.

Asked what ultimately led him to stop following the legal fight against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Brady acknowledged that in the end he realized he could not win.

“I felt a lot of anxiety, I realized that I could not win and that opinion was divided, I was tired of that, tired of waking up and someone from the players ‘association called me in. I just said:’ You know, I’m going to to use this as an opportunity for me, to have the month of September free for the first time in 21 years and I will take it, “said Brady.

“The first thing I did, with my wife and children, was go see my parents.” My mom was just starting cancer treatment and I said, “We’re going to play golf and Pebble Beach.” My wife and I never went to our honeymoon, so we said, ‘We’re going to Italy in September.’

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