James: “I played the last three games with practically broken hands”

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James was once again the center of attention at the end of Game 4 of the NBA Finals, which lost his team 85-108 to the Golden State Warriors by confirming that the last three games of the series with the right hand “practically broken”.

James explained that the injury had occurred in the locker room, the term of the primary seal that was lost in the Oracle Arena at the time of reading by 114-124 and that similarly to the rest of what was the series, domain of the Warriors.

James, 33, who tonight could have had his last game with the Cavaliers, insisted that he had a great chance of winning and that I had a meaning.

“We had made a good basketball, but the decisions of the referees and I got upset that they took away a game that we won, the reality is that in the end I let my emotions invade me and when I got to the dressing room, what happened happened,” he admitted. .

James did not reveal if he had hit the blackboard in the dressing room where the coach explained the strategy to develop the team.

“Simply, in the end I had to play the last three games with my right hand almost broken,” admitted James, who after winning 51 points in the first game in the others could not be the deciding factor.

James underwent two MRI during the series and used a special mold when he was not training, playing in front of the journalists, but during the press conference he did appear with his right hand protected.

Regardless of having confirmed his injury, James admitted that the warriors had been deserved champions because they were superior as a team.

“My biggest congratulations to the warriors because they were the team that played the best and therefore they deserved the title,” said James. “But our team fought to the maximum and having achieved the victory in the first game everything else, but now it’s history,” he lamented.

Faced with criticism that the team was not ready to play, James defended his teammates by reiterating that everyone in the field did their best.

“Simply, they (the Warriors) were superior in the decisive moments, they got the points that made the difference and then the first game, like the team that came down, but we fought well in the second, triumph until the last minute,” he said. James.

“Now we have to let the time pass for similar to the defeat and move on,” he said.

“Now is the time to face a defeat that hurts us, but at the same time we achieved again and many obstacles and be back in the Finals, with the possibility of fighting and getting the title, which led to the team that achieved four triumphs I needed, I’m a Cavaliers player and that’s what counts, “he added.


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