Marriage finds an alligator in the pool of his house in Sarasota


A couple living in the Florida county of Sarasota (west coast), discovered today with surprise a 300-pound alligator swimming in the pool of their home, reported a local media.

Frank Shaffery and his wife, Connie, expressed their surprise to the local channel Action News when they left the courtyard of their house to enjoy a cup of coffee and found the reptile swimming in the pool.

“Frank got up, took a look at the pool and said ‘Good God’ or something,” said Connie Shaffery.
The couple immediately called the authorities, who sent a caiman hunter to their home.

When they checked the protection fence of the pool, they found the forced opening through which the reptile must have entered.

Kevin Hibler, the state-licensed expert who finally caught and pulled the alligator from the pool, said the 300-pound animal was about 14 or 20 years old.

Except in a period of two and a half months a year in which the ban is lifted for hunters with a special license, you can not kill the loose alligators in Florida.

The state of Florida has a population of alligators that is estimated at 1.3 million animals of all sizes and are an important part of the state’s ecosystem.