Forensic confirms death in Florida due to steam cigarette explosion

A man who was found dead in his home with 80% of his body burned was killed by the explosion of an electronic vapor cigarette, the coroner of Pinellas County, Florida, told a local television station.

The firefighters who were called to put out a fire in the house of Tallmadge D’Elia, 38, in St. Petersburg (Florida) on March 5 and found him dead had signaled his suspicions that there had been an explosion of a Electronic cigarette in the room.

Now the coroner confirmed to channel 10 news that the autopsy revealed that the wounds that D’Elia had on his face were due to the explosion of the electronic cigarette.

The burns he had in 80% of his body were not due to the flames of the fire but to the explosion, 10News said.


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