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Zoe Saldaña receives her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Zoe Saldaña, star of three of the biggest science fiction franchises currently (“Avatar”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Star Trek”), today received her star on the Walk of Fame surrounded by close friends as the filmmaker James Cameron and the actress Mila Kunis.

The American artist, of Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother, put her name on the number 2,637 star of the Walk of Fame, something with which Saldaña dreamed since childhood, as recognized.

“If that girl who was doing theater in Brooklyn is told she was going to get here, I would not believe it,” the interpreter said. “Not because I did not believe in myself, but because I could not afford a plane ticket at the time,” he added with a laugh.

Later the protagonist of works like “Colombian” or “Out of the Furnace” explained that she managed a trip to Los Angeles to take interpretation classes and took the opportunity to pay a visit to Hollywood.

“We went through all the streets taking pictures and making videos of the stars, dreaming if one day we would be there.” I went back to the hotel and asked my sisters if we could achieve something like that. It gave me hope, “he said.

“With hard work and faith, I know I can get what I propose,” the actress stressed.

Saldaña, before his speech, was moved when Cameron took the stand and defined it as a “force of nature”.

“She is the owner of outer space, the queen of the universe,” the director said, referring to his presence in three film franchises, including his, “Avatar.”

In fact, Cameron recalled that today was a day in which he should be filming the first two sequels of the film (there are a total of four planned).

“Let no one tell the 20th Century Fox studio,” joked the director.

“Her characters are examples for the youth, examples of women of strong color, but her best role is that of a mother,” he said, referring to the three children he owns with Marco Perego.

Saldaña is currently showing the movie “Avengers: Infinity War”.

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